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 35 mm - 94 minutes - colour - subtitled in German/English

hillbrow kids - der film

  This film was made possible by the generous funding of the following institutions:
  Film Subsidy Board of Baden-Württemberg
Goethe Institute
Open Society Institute - New York

A co-production by
Quinte Film und ZDF / ARTE
© 1999

  Vusi   "There once lived a family, not far from the hills of the Matopos. The mother and father were normal people like you and me but, for some reason, the children were different. They were made of wax...", so begins a story as told by an old woman who observes and reflects on the lives of the street children of Johannesburg. Many of these children come from the townships, townships that still bear the scars of apartheid's policies. Unlike their parents, these children are not prepared to be part of the meek majority of have-nots, are not prepared to be the born losers anymore.    
  Poverty, alcoholism, broken families and brutality drive them to the streets of cities like Johannesburg to try and improve their lot. And, indeed, sometimes they are lucky. Then they feel strong, courageous and independent- after a strong dosis of glue-sniffing- whilst they stare with longing at the wealth parading past them on the pavements of Johannesburg.    
Vusi, Shadrack, Bheki, Silas, Jane, the protagonists of this film, are children such as these who roam the streets, hoping and waiting for the lucky break. Alone, totally dependent on their own rescources, they and many others like them fight against all odds for the fulfilment of their modest little dreams. Jane    
But in their search for a happier life, they are in the process of losing what is left of their future.
And so the story teller on the hills of Johannesburg is left telling her legends to the ghosts of the past.
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