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  Michael Hammon BVK
Born 3-3-1955 in South Africa.
German Citizenship in 1990.
Print Version Films directed:

2000 "Little Big Men on Ice", documentary (Work in Progress)
Produced by Star Productions and ARTE

1999 "Hillbrow Kids", 94 min. documentary, 94 min., 35mm
Co-Director: Jacqueline Görgen
Produced by Quinte Film for ZDF/Arte and Baden-Württemberg Filmboard
- Gran Premio Award (OCIC) Cinema Africano Milan 2000.
- Silver Dolphin Award at International Film Festival of Troia, Portugal 2000.
- Locarno Film Festival 1999
- Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 1999
- Documentary Film Festival Munich 2000
- Chicago International Film Festival 2000
- And many others

1993: "Trekking to Utopia" 90 min., documentary, 16mm
Produced by Metrofilm for ZDF/ Arte
- Berlin International Film Festival, 1994:

1991: "Wheels and Deals", 96 min., 16mm, B&W, feature.
Produced by DFFB for WDR and SWF
- Best Film at Cineropa Festival 91, Florence.
- Premio Spesiale "Citta de Milano", Cinema Africano Festival in Milan 1992.
- 28. Adolf Grimme Prize, 1992.(German Film Award)
- Golden Friedrich Award, International Student Filmfestival, Potsdam, 1992.

1990: "We only wanted Justice", 30 min, Beta SP, documentary.
Produced by myself for Yleis Radio, Finland

1989: "Mohale Str. Brothers", 60 min, Umatic, documentary
Produced by myself.
- Special Prize at the Duisburger Filmweek.

1988: "The Buffalo Hunters" 48 min, 16mm, B&W, drama.
Produced by DFFB, bought by SWF
- Munich Film Festival 1989

1987: "Worldchampionship", 3 min, 16mm, animation.
Produced by DFFB
- International Film Festival of Tokyo 1988

1986: "Along the Line", 17 min, 16mm, drama.
Produced by DFFB.

1986 "Spiral of Rage", 18 min, Umatic, documentary.
Produced by myself.

1983 "The Grabber", 45 min, Super8, drama.

Camera on: (Selection)

2000 Storno", Digibeta, 90 min. (Work in Progress)
Feature produced by Peter Rommel Productions
Directed by: Elke Weber Moore

2000 The Police Woman (Die Polizistin)", 35mm, 96 min.
Feature produced by UFA West Universum
Directed by: Andreas Dresen

1997-99 "Hillbrow Kids", 35mm, 94 min.
Documentary produced by Quinte Film for ZDF and Arte
Directed by myself and Jacqueline Görgen
- Nominated for German Camera Award 2000.

1999: "Conamara", 35mm, 120 min.
Film for theatrical release
Produced by Boje-Buck GmbH
Directed by: Eoin Moore

1999: "Bloody Ice (Blutiges Eis") (Part of Polizeiruf 110 Series) Super 16, 90 min.
TV Drama, produced by Filmkontor, Leipzig for MDR TV
Directed by: Dietmar Klein

1999 "Home game (Heimspiel)", 35mm, 96 min.
Documentary produced by Quinte Film for cinematic release
Directed by: Pepe Danquart
- Bundesfilm Preis "Beste Regie" 2000 (German Film Award: "Best Direction")

1998: "Death In Memphis", Beta SP, 60 min.
Documentary produced by Convoi Film for ZDF and ARTE
Directed by: Thomas Giefer

1998: "Wolff's Revier", Super 16, 3x 48 min.
TV Crime Series produced by Borussia Media for SAT1
Directed by: Dietmar Klein

1997: "The Murder Commission" ("Mordkommission") S 16, 2x48 min.
TV Crime series produced by Monaco Film for ZDF
Directed by: Dietmar Klein

1997: "Freiwild", Super 16mm, 90min.
TV Drama produced by Novafilm for ZDF
Directed by: Dietmar Klein

1997: "Off-season"(Nach Saison"), Beta and 35mm, 126 min.
Documentary produced by Blueberry and Quinte Film for Arte TV
Directed by: Pepe Danquart and Mirjam Quinte
- Peace Prize at the Berlin Film Festival in Berlin 1997
- Golden Spire Prize at the San Francisco Film Festival 1998
- Nominated for the German Film Prize 1997
- German Camera Prize 1998

1996: "Die Drei", TV Serial, Super 16mm, 4 x 45 min ea.
Produced by Nostro Film for SAT1
Directed by: Dietmar Klein

1996: "The Germans In Alsace", TV Documentary, Beta, 45 min.
Produced by Camin Film for Arte
Directed by: Pepe Danquart.

1996: "Herr Giwi and the reversed Immigration"
90 Min. Documentary, Beta.
Produced by: Quinte Rotermund for ZDF
Directed by: Petra Tschörtner

1995: "Wolff's Revier" TV Serial, Super 16mm, 4 x 45 min. ea.
Produced by Borussia Media for SAT1
Directed by Claudia Prietzel

1995: Christo and Jean-Claude: "Wrapped Reichtag"
Documentary, 35mm, 90 min.
Directed by: The Hissen Brothers

1994: "Street Musicians", Documentary, 16mm, 45 min.
Produced by ZDF, SFB and SWF, Germany
Directed by: Dietmar Klein

1993: "Voices of Robben Island" Documentary, 16 mm, 90 min
BBC/Arena Production
Directed by: Adam Low

1993: "Trekking to Utopia" Documentary, ZDF, 16mm, 90 min.
Produced for ZDF / Arte by Metrofilm
Directed by myself.

1992: "Hello Mr. Berg", produced by CFR Filmproduktion,
84 min., Drama, 16 mmm.
Director: Hartwig Patrick Peters

1991: "The Peanut Man", produced by Jahn Film
for ZDF (Das Kleine Fernsehspiel), feature, 16mm, 89 min.
Director: Dietmar Klein
- Max Ophüls Prize 1992 at the Saarbrücken Festival.

1991: "Wheels & Deals", (my own film)
- Adolf Grimme Award 1992
- Golden Friedrich Award (Student Film Festival Potsdam 1992)
- Special Award of City of Milan, (Cinema Africano 1992)

1990: "On a Silk Thread", documentary
produced for ZDF (Das Kleine Fernsehspiel) 16mm, 79 min.
Directors: Christiane Mannini & Christoff Goldmann

1990: "Gentle Hills", 30 min, 35 mm, B&W
Produced by German Film and Television Academy Berlin
Directed by Thomas Neubauer

1990: "SA's Killing Fields: Natal" documentary for
Inside Story, BBC. 52 min. 16mm
Director: George Case
Executive Producer: Paul Hamman

1989 "SA's Death Factory" 16mm, 90 min., documentary
Produced for First Tuesday, Thames und Hudson TV,
Director: Ian "Butch" Stuttard
Executive Producer: Grant McKee

1989: "Solinger-Rudi", 80 min., docie-drama, 16 mm
Directed by Dietmar Klein, sold to ARD
-Spectator's Prize at the Saarbrücken Festival,1991

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